Day 34

Another day without my tests completed – I got the impression that it was Sunday and no one felt like going through the motions of actually doing the procedure. Being a weekend the people I need to actually process my marrow are no where to be found so whats the rush? At this point I’m just tired of anticipating it – I’m anxious to figure out if my marrow is clean of Leukemia and if I get to go home. “Probably tomorrow” … we’ll see.

They weren’t kidding around about the mood swings coming off Prednisone. If you brought me the cutest puppy to ever grace this earth I’d find a way to hate it in about four seconds. I’m sure part of it is just being cooped up in a hospital for so long but today at noon I was still relatively pleasant, now I just want to physically harm anyone that walks into my room. It’s a little odd knowing that its most likely just a reaction to medication and not something I really have any control over for the time being. I should get a muzzle or something.

I’ve concluded that the nurses are using me for all the teaching cases because relative to the rest of the HEMONC unit i’m fairly healthy and in good spirits at the moment. Today I had an RN in training try to flush one of the feeds into my central line with saline and heparin while it was closed off. It’s got to be stressful performing any kind of nursely duty on a sick patient for the first time. I’m more convinced than ever that to be in the healthcare industry in any capacity (especially a nurse) you’ve either got to want to do it more than anything or be utterly out of your mind.

– Austin

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