One of the downsides of high dose methotrexate is I can’t eat anything with vitamin C or citric acid in it. Vitamin C actually increases the toxicity of the drug and for some reason citric acid can interfere with my body’s ability to clear the drug from my system. I had gotten pretty good with the neutropenic diet restrictions when my immune system was next to non-existent but I can’t even eat ketchup now. no carbonated beverages, no fruit, almost no vegetables and no brussel sprouts! what will I do??

Now that I’ve gotten my dose I get to just hang out, be nauseous and throw up. oh, and not eat – I’m losing an average of 3 lbs a day. The leukemia diet works wonders though i’m not entirely convinced I’d recommend it just yet. it’s unclear if any of it is fat or if it’s just my muscles wasting away.

On a happier note I woke up this morning without a headache! The hell-spawn that was running rampant through my brain has been quieted, I’m almost afraid to get too excited in case it returns. It’d be nice If I could’ve overcome it before the nausea but whose complaining? This way I should be able to go home side-effect free unless mucositis rears it’s ugly head from the methotrexate. I also started Leucovorin today, the rescue drug that’ll help wipe the methotrexate from my circulatory system – we’ll see how that goes. They take the levels in my blood each day ad the have certain goals I have to meet each day to stay on track – It’s designed perfectly for me to obsess over then freak out when I miss a benchmark.

my SEO efforts with the blog seem to be going well – thanks to everyone who dropped a shameless link on Facebook, I got a big bump in traffic yesterday. (numbers always suck on the weekends though):

“Pardon me while I burn”

Song: Pardon me
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Artist: Incubus

– Austin

    • Carty
    • February 14th, 2010 9:50am

    I believe a low vitamin C diet used to be known as the “British Sailors’ Diet”.

    Eat lots of hard tack and drink ale.

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