LTA (Lighter Than Air)

More than one person has asked me to write about my life outside of my illness. No. Or, not really. Thats some other blog. I’ll do highlights though:

  • I drink orange juice out of the container. No, I will not stop. No, it’s not worth discussing.
  • When I’m on the T, I stand in front of the door. Even when there’s a seat open.
  • I can recite the entire WBUR call-sign from memory (and the previous one before they switched it up 3 years ago).
  • I talk to dogs. Hell, I guess I talk to computers.
  • I’ve been in the bed of a dump trunk that was filled with enough pickled herring I could’ve drowned in it.
  • I use words like “shitstorm” and “clusterfuck” probably more often than is socially acceptable.
  • I would accept a baby bear or moose as a pet without a second thought.
  • It amazes me people on Jeopardy take Trebek’s shit.


Pretty standard stuff…

– A

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