Wake up, time to die.

With my counts continuing to sit at rock bottom with no change, my doctor decided to perform a bone marrow aspirate and biopsy yesterday. Not typical procedure in a patient still “recovering” from treatment, but given my cryptic leukemia, the fact that there was no detectable blast presence in my blood meant next to nothing. The only real way to figure out what was happening was to take a look inside the bones.

Preliminary results show a 95% presence of blasts (cancer cells) in my marrow. instead of the chemotherapy killing off the cancer and allowing my healthy immune system to move into the vacated space – the opposite happened, The cancer survived the attack but my cells didn’t, allowing the cancer free-reign to spread through the entirety of my skeletal structure.

I’m the process of setting up hospice care at home and expect to be discharged sometime in the next two or three days. I will try and contine to write  but can’t promise anything. I may not have much more than a few weeks left on this earth, I’ll be spending it with the people I love – doing the things I’ve missed.

Thank you all for everything you’ve given me on the way. All I can say is that despite my current condition, i’ve enjoyed a life with far more than most.

– Austin

  1. i sad after hearing your story

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